Sarah Poursh Designs Story

My passion for jewelry began in my early teens. With the permission of my mother, I began working summers with my father in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. Not far from my father’s storefront, my brother also had his own successful jewelry store. It seemed like an easy choice to follow in their footsteps, but jewelry became much more than the family business for me. As the industry grew, jewelers lost the empathy and patience that made the process enjoyable. I knew I had to bring back that personal touch. The more I learned, the more I also wanted to advance my skills in the trade. The next step for me was attending school to gain a textbook perspective of the field. I completed a diamond program and became a gemologist.

My jewelry career took a turn at age 23 when my sweet dog, Charlie, was killed in an accident. With Charlie in mind, I created my first piece of custom jewelry. My intention in making the piece was simple to memorialize Charlie and to take a step towards healing. A week later, I was wearing the necklace when I was stopped by a woman on the street. When I told her I was the designer, she offered to buy the piece right then and there.

This woman’s reaction to my necklace, a piece that I had made with so much love, opened my eyes to the possibilities and her offer led to the creation of my own first custom jewelry line - CHARLIE. As I began to learn the ins and outs of custom jewelry and becoming a wholesale diamond dealer, my business eventually expanded to what it is today. 

At Sarah Poursh Designs, we are dedicated to creating the perfect piece for every client. Everything I create comes from a place of deep responsibility and dedication, no matter the limitations. Throughout the process, I educate my clients about our wholesale diamonds, custom design and the entire process of creating the perfect piece, from start to finish. This allows every client to make an informed decision based on their needs, without the forceful/pushy tactics found at other jewelers.

Let's curate the perfect piece together.

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