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As a third-generation, wholesale jeweler and diamond dealer Sarah Poursh has years of experience buying precious metals, gold, gemstones, and diamonds.

Sarah Poursh Designs is committed to offering fair price for your gold, diamonds and used jewelry as well as honest appraisals from herself and numerous professional appraisers when required. We understand that jewelry often carries a sentimental value, thus we are dedicated to treating our clients and their jewelry with the respect and integrity they deserve. Sarah personally walks each client through the sometimes complex process to ensure that everyone involved is pleased with the outcome. Our priorities, lifestyles, and relationships change throughout the years, selling your unwanted jewelry is a fantastic way to move on from the former and embrace the future.

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  • Susane B.

    My grandfather passed away and left his grandchildren all of his old jewelry. Sarah was so kind and patient with our family. She sat with us and examined every piece to tell us the highest worth. She was even kind enough to repurpose one item for each grandchild in his honor

  • Andrew W.

    I am blown away with how much time Sarah spent with me. She examined every piece of gold and stones I had. She even taught me how to use a loop so I can see the claruity?imperfections of the diamond. Thank you Sarah not only for your time but your honesty and $

  • Beth B

    I called every pawn shop and jeweler around not one of them gave me their time, education or pricing that Sarah did. Definelty coming back to her to repurpose my grandmothers jewels